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Let’s get real. Getting older is no joke and just because it’s a reality we move closer to with each passing day, we can certainly remain stylish and maintain our “edge” with many clever adaptive products.

We’ve created a starter list to get you thinking about clever ways you can maintain your independence and mobility, and look cool at the same time.

Walking Sticks
Photo Credit: ElderLuxe

Let’s start with canes and walking sticks. Did you know that canes, walking sticks and staffs have been viewed as status symbols throughout history? This category is brimming with options. You can create a design to match your heart’s desire.

How about a folding, travel style? Or a design with a built-in umbrella and seat? It can be made with precious metals, distinctive woods and even Swarovski crystals. Engraving anyone?

You can also add a quad base so that the cane stands alone, no propping required! Create your own fashion statement AND look cool when getting around gets a bit challenging.

If you need a bit more help than a cane or walking stick, investigate a rollator. What’s a rollator? It’s the cousin of a walker, but it has wheels and brakes. These handy devices fold down easily for transport and you can use them as a chair when needed.

They work great as a shopping “tote/cart” if you opt for one with a storage basket. There are many design features and options in this category as well. The SPRING by Foray Design has a sleek design and may be a great solution for your style preferences and mobility needs.

Adaptive Products HandyBar
Photo Credit: RehabMart

Rollators and canes should easily fit into your vehicle. But what about you? How easily are you able to get into and out of your vehicle? If this activity is becoming a “not so pretty” part of your routine, consider a swivel seat cushion and a HandyBar.

The HandyBar slides into the door-latch vertically and allows you to grip the handle to lift yourself up. It is lightweight and easy to store in the glove compartment, and even includes a seat belt cutter and a window breaker in case of emergency.

Adaptive Products Swivel Seat
Photo Credit: Sharper Image

A portable swivel seat cushion literally allows you to swivel around in your car seat or any seat you choose.

While these examples are not endorsements, we hope they give you a few ideas for adaptive products you can adopt to stylishly improve your mobility. As with any choice you make, there are pros and cons.

Be sure to check in with your health providers to ensure what you select IS right for your specific needs. Also double-check the specifications for weight capacity and safety considerations for any items that make your heart sing!